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In order to do a great job for you, there’s a fair amount of info we have to collect. Why do we do this? Discounts, discounts, discounts… The more info we have, the more discounts we can apply. We also spend a lot of time at IIP Insurance making sure we communicate and do business the way you want to do business. That’s why we provide you with three ways to request a quote:



The Old Schooler – Contact me for information by my preferred method of contact that I indicated on the previous screen.  We will contact you soon to obtain all of the information over the phone or via email.

The Hard Worker – I’ll manually fill out the information sheets below:


The Easy Button – At IIP, we invest in technology to make your life easier. Click on the button below and we will be able to verify your current coverage in less than a minute.  There’s no digging up documents from your file cabinet – we’ve got it handled.

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